Q.  Do you provide the funding yourselves or do you work with lenders?

We do not provide the funding ourselves and are not a financial institution or registered lender. We help you connect with lenders by utilizing our vast network of people we know in the industry worldwide. Once we help you to create the ideal lending request package, we utilize our partnerships in the financial sector to issue your package to multiple lenders.

Q.  Is there an upfront fee for your services?

We do not require an upfront fee for any services provided. Our partnerships are with lenders which results in no upfront fees for our clients.

Q.  Do you guarantee that you will source funding and that we will be approved?

Absolutely not. Sourcing a suitable lender for your venture is tricky with no guarantees. We will do our best to source funding for you but ultimately your approval will be heavily based on the information you provide us and the appetite of the lender to lend money to you specifically. We help to give you the best chance possible to be approved, but there are no guarantees.

Q.  Why would I want to go through you to source lenders when I can find it myself?

There's no stopping you from sourcing lenders yourself. In fact, we encourage you do. However, with our connections in the industry, together with our strategic partners, we help you increase your chances of approval by evaluating your situation utilizing industry experts to help make your application stronger. We only move forward with finding you a lender if we believe you have a legitimate chance of sourcing funding to begin with. 

Q.  How are you able to increase our chances of approval?

With our connections in the industry, together with our strategic partners, we have the ability to review your situation and establish your chances of approval. This gives you a potential advantage over others because we know how the industry works.  Collectively, we understand cannabis regulations worldwide, we know how facilities should be built-out, we keep track of changes in the industry, we've seen all sorts of equipment used to produce cannabis and we've reviewed many applications. 

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